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Residential Design
from the ground up...
A famous architect once said, "Less is more."  I say "do more with less." Maybe your kids have left for college, and you've discovered yoga.  Maybe your business is finally taking off.  Whatever your circumstances, I will assess your changing needs as they relate to your current property, and help you find creative, responsible, and elegant solutions to bring 'that perfect fit' back again. 
Maybe the answer is an addition, or a tear-down, but maybe it's not.  Maybe there's a smarter way.  Let's find out.

from the inside out...
Interior design that is as unique as you are.  Make the best of what you've got, or start fresh.  Mix it up.  After all, its your life.  Let's make it beautiful.  And don't stop at your four walls.  Expand into the garden, the terrace, the roof, whatever you can call your own.
from soup kitchen cabinets to Nut-wood burls...
Furniture with a past, and now, a future.
Repurposed.  Upcycled...
Responsible, clever, useful and loved.
and for your walls...
Custom Art Installations
From Romantic Paris captured as a series of timeless images to my series of Graphic, modular ARTILES... aerial shots of our earth, captured through the window of a normal flight from L.A. to NYC, I try to cast my eye on the aspects of life that may be overlooked, to find the beauty that is right outside your window and help you bring it home.
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